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Andrzej Nowak

Profesor of Psychology


General Research Interests

Andrzej Nowak is a permanent half-time member of the Psychology Department, Florida Atlantic University. He is also Director of the Center for Complex Systems at University of Warsaw, Poland, and he holds faculty positions at University of Warsaw and the Professional School of Social Psychology in Warsaw. Prof. Nowak is one of the world's leading experts on the modeling and computer simulation of social processes. Using cellular automata, he has modeled the emergence of public opinion in society and linear versus non-linear societal transitions. At FAU, he conducts both simulation and experimental research in the Dynamical Social Psychology Lab in collaboration with Robin Vallacher. Current research projects include the use of cellular automata to simulate the emergence and maintenance of self-concept and linear and non-linear scenarios of societal change, the use of attractor neural networks to model interpersonal and group dynamics, and the use of coupled dynamical systems to simulate the emergence of personality through social coordination. Dr. Nowak is also developing software for identifying attractors (equilibrium states) in the temporal patterns of thought and emotion on the part of people diagnosed with various forms of mental illness.

Representative Publications

Nowak, A. & Vallacher, R. R. (1998). Dynamical social psychology. NY: Guilford Publications.

Nowak, A., Vallacher, R. R., Tesser, A., & Borkowski, W. (2000). Society of self: The emergence of collective properties in self-structure. Psychological Review, 107, 39-61.

Nowak, A. Vallacher, R. R., & Zochowski, M. (2002). The emergence of personality: Personal stability through interpersonal synchronization. In D. Cervone & W. Mischel (Eds.), Advances in personality science (Vol. 1, pp. 292-331). New York: Guilford Publications.

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