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Larry Liebovitch



Dr. Liebovitch is a Professor at Florida Atlantic University in the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, the Center for Molecular  Biology and Biotechnology and the Departments of Psychology and Biomedical Science.  Over the last 25 years he has used complex systems, including fractals, chaos, neural networks, and other nonlinear methods to study molecular, cellular, physiological and psychological systems which have provided insights into the structure and motion of ion channel proteins in the cell membrane, the timing of heart attacks, the spread of electronic and biological infections, the spatial pattern of artifacts found in archeological sites, the network of gene regulation mediated by protein transcription factors, and mathematical models of the conflict between people.  He earned a BS in Physics from CCNY and a PhD in Astronomy from Harvard University.  He coauthored the book Fractal Physiology, is the author of the book Fractals and Chaos: Simplified for the Life Sciences, one of the three principle editors of the on-line journal Nonlinear Biomedical Physics, and the co-author of the new CD-ROM The Mathematics and Science of Fractals distributed by Deco Bytes Education, LLC.  He has published over 70 journal articles, 22 book chapters, reviewed articles for 50 journals and grant applications for 13 different government agencies and private foundations.